Welcome to Jenkins Landscape Company

Beauty... Energy savings... Environmental harmony... Jenkins Landscape Company creates all this and more.

The design and installation of a landscape requires a concentrated knowledge of shrubs, plants and trees. Survival of individual species is dependent upon being totally familiar with local environmental factors such as soils, sun exposure, precipitation and seasonal variations particular to South Florida. It was just such a passion and understanding of the South Florida environment that, in 1959, inspired Gene Jenkins to make landscape contracting a full-time family business. To this day, Jenkins Landscape Company is family-owned and managed.

We are in a unique climate and South Florida's sub-tropical climate opens the door for many fascinating plants. Property owners have the opportunity to create lush and unique landscape installations to enjoy that many other climates do not. Completed landscapes provide many things such as: reduced energy costs, water management and recycling, attracting wildlife, reducing erosion, and of course increasing the value of a property.

After more than 50 years, the business has grown to become one of South Florida's most prominent and respected names in commercial and residential landscaping. Our services include, but not limited to:
-Landscape Installation and Gardening
-Irrigation Installation and Maintenance
-Tree Trimming
-Pest Control
-MistAway Mosquito Control