About Jenkins Landscape Company

The Jenkins family have always been horticulturists. Carl Jenkins was a squash farmer in Indiana in the summers and Florida in the winters; the family farm (White Cloud Farms) was located in the area now known today as Jupiter Farms. This land was sold for $.50 an acre at the beginning of World War II because the taxes on the land were more than the actual value and all his children and employees went to War. Carl’s son, Harold Eugene Jenkins, grew up in this farming lifestyle. After serving in the Navy during World War II, Gene worked with Roy Rood at Wilson Palm Gardens as a Tree Crane Operator until 1947 and the birth of ROOD landscaping. They worked together, again, at Rood and thrived as professional landscape contractors in this area. In 1959, Gene decided to open his own business, Jenkins Landscape Company. Jenkins became a well-known name in the landscape industry. The main focus of the company was residential landscape installation, however, they did everything outside the front door. 

Amazingly, Roy Rood and Gene Jenkins remained friends until Gene’s death in 1986. They supported each other’s efforts and had a mutual respect for each other.

In 1986, Harold Jenkins II, Gene's son, took over the business with his wife Susan. At age 26, Harold shaped and remodeled the business to focus more on the softscape installation for residential homes.
Again, Mr. Roy Rood was a huge influence and mentor for Harold until his death a few years ago. Harold became an expert in the landscape contracting industry, with focus on design, installation and maintenance. He also became heavily involved with the FNGLA's (Florida Nurserymen’s, Growers and Landscape Association) certification program with the hopes of the state requiring certification of all landscape contractors. FNGLA is still working diligently on this, and hopefully one day, the landscape industry will become a little more standardized. 

We now have the third generation Jenkins Family members, Steven and Erin, working from the bottom up to maintain and take Jenkins Landscape through another 50 years. Steven started the irrigation department in 2007, and has expanded his knowledge to the landscape installation side. Erin is currently managing the maintenance and administration divisions of the company. 

We are always looking to improve our skills and knowledge by researching the latest and most efficient products available, and by continually educating our well trained staff. Combined, our staff holds over 50 certifications and licenses from the Florida Nurseryman, Growers, and Landscape Association (FNGLA), the International Society of Arborists (ISA) and Best Management Practices (GI-BMP). We are a licensed pest control operator and a licensed irrigation contractor. Jenkins Landscape offers landscape design, installation and maintenance of your property. This may include, but not be limited to, irrigation, pest control, fertilization, tree trimming, and MistAway Mosquito Misting Systems.
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