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Jenkins Landscape Company has been designing landscapes since we opened in 1959. We have landscape designers on staff with creative minds and years of experience. Our experienced designers can design a long lasting landscape by using their knowledge of placing the right plant material in the proper areas within the property. Our key objective is always to bring a fresh, lively and artistic approach to all our landscape projects. Our philosophy is based on Design Innovation and a sustainable landscape.

A project may involve the re-defining of shrub beds, development of screen planting, perennial bed plantings, or a major overhaul of an existing landscape... a planting design plan becomes a necessity for communicating the proposal to the client as well as providing the needed information to the installation crew leader. Here at Jenkins Landscape Company, we will prepare a planting design plan, assist you in the best selections of plant materials and provide you with an itemized proposal.

What is the difference between a Landscape Designer and a Landscape Architect?

A Landscape Designer is someone who has several years of experience and has obtained a certification with state organizations. There are a variety of skill levels when it comes to a designer. A designer can be great for refreshing your landscape to re-designing small plant beds to complete landscape projects.

A Landscape Architect is someone who received their degree and their license from the state. They are responsible for landscaping everything outside the front door. Architects design hardscapes (such as; walkways, walls, driveways) and softscapes (all of the plant material). Some projects will require an architect to draw up a plan. We have many Landscape Architects that we work closely with on several different projects. Should you ever need a recommendation, Jenkins Landscape Company knows a Landscape Architect that would be a great match for you and your landscape.

In today's design-conscious world, the external appearance of commercial, industrial or residential sites is considered as important as the appearance of the buildings. With over 50 years of experience, Jenkins Landscape Company brings to every design "an artistic touch" that will help beautify your landscape project. Call us today to get your project started.

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