Why We Have the Best Landscape Employees

When a Jenkins vehicle pulls up to a work site, it’s not the Jenkins truck with the familiar green and black logo that we want our customers to remember — it’s the Jenkins worker!  Whether holding a clipboard or a rake, we want them to remember a worker that was courteous and that actively listened to any special instructions; that was respectful of a homeowner’s privacy; was professional, experienced and knowledgeable, and that clearly had pride in his or her work.

To be all these things and to perform our jobs consistently takes commitment. It means having leadership and organizational skills at supervisory levels, and active listening skills, honesty, ambition, and a strong work ethic at every level.

We take great pride in being a Treasure Coast family-owned, advancement-oriented employer that puts the personal and professional growth of our workforce as Job #1. It’s our most important investment and it’s offered to all Jenkins employees. In fact, as a member organization of the Florida Nursery, Growers and Landscape Association (FNGLA), our employees hold over fifty combined certifications and licenses.

Jenkins people

At the end of the day, it isn’t our trucks, website, or Facebook posts, or our magazine articles, or even our Martin County community volunteerism to which we attribute our steady growth and outstanding customer retention. It’s our employees who show up to work early, actually like and support one another, participate in company events, keep their trucks and tools clean, and smile a lot. 

We believe that we have the best landscape employees because we understand that they spend more time with us than with their families, so we strive to make make work pleasant. And because we want them to stay with us, we pay for their education in the landscape industry. It’s a formula that’s worked well here in South Florida for many decades, and one that is likely to go unchanged for the future.

Landscape Contractor That Flies Trees

What do the most successful Florida Landscape Architects and Luxury Home Builders have in common? Eventually, they need a good Landscape Contractor.

We know that as good architects and builders you live and breath design functionality and sustainability. You place great value on aesthetics, but not at the expense of the environment. The innovation and beauty you design on paper deserves to be fully realized. And when seeking a landscape contractor to bring your design to fruition, you prefer one that is licensed…and then you deserve more.

Jenkins Landscape is a licensed contractor in Florida with over 60 years of continuous service, guided by three generations of the Jenkins family, two of whom continue to be fully engaged in all aspects of the business.

We contract with Landscape Architects and Luxury Home Builders looking for a reputable and reliable contractor with the experience, manpower, and equipment to do the job. We grade and prepare soil, relocate mature trees and plant new ones, install lawns and shrubs, and construct the winding paths, stone walls, and gurgling brooks that transform a piece of ground into an aesthetically pleasing green space.

Jenkins employees combined hold more than 50 certifications and licenses from FNGLA, ISA, and GI-BMP. We are landscape designers, installers, pest and irrigation experts, tree planters and mature tree movers. We hold our employees to high standards of safety in all areas of garden management services.

As employers, we value a good work ethic, and we have a culture of safety and education. 

Because so much work goes into creating the vision, at the very minimum, the landscape contractor that you choose to build that vision should be licensed…that they are one of the best-equipped mature tree movers and re-planters is a bonus! To see us in action, click the link and scroll down to watch a tree fly!