Victory Gardens in South Florida

Our “stay at home” time will eventually come to a close, assuming there’s no startling news of a new spike, so while we’re still staying close to home and yard, why not start a Victory Garden? During World War II, citizens were encouraged to provide their own fresh produce and allow the transportation system to focus on the war effort. The labor force from America’s farms were overseas, so most home gardens were planted by the moms and children left at home. Everyone considered Victory Gardens as part of the war effort. It’s said that the sale of pressure cookers, used to can the food, increased 80%. 

Uncle Sam says– GARDEN to Cut Food costs

We’re in a war now — against a hidden virus. We are all doing our part to stem the spread. Recently, Florida has begun to open up for business, cautiously calling us to return to local restaurants to keep them alive, and while that’s a wonderful thing, there’s something very American about starting a Victory Garden, even now.

Any small patch of dirt or suitably-sized container will do. We’re in Zone 10, so the coming summer isn’t really the growing season for us south Floridians, but there are still some vegetables and herbs plantable in May.

First you want to prepare rich, pest and disease deterrent soil for strong healthy plants. While you may need to purchase compost from a nursery now, find a suitable area in the yard to start a compost using organic kitchen scraps and lawn cuttings. 

What to Plant Now?

  • Vegetables include cherry tomatoes, collards, lime beans, mustard, papayas, okra, snap beans, sweet potatoes, turnips, and yams.
  • Herbs plantable now include basil, chives, dill, sage, savory, sweet marjoram, mint and thyme.
  • Flowers like begonias, blue daze, coleus, cosmos, cockscomb, petunias, periwinkles, purslane, zinnias, and sunflowers can tolerate the coming rain and heat. Bulbs can be planted now too.

Ask us for a complete list of vegetables, herbs, flowers, and bulbs. We’re more than happy to share our knowledge of plants with our friends.