Remembering James Henry

James Henry

James Henry began his career with Jenkins Landscape Company in 1990 as a truck driver. James excelled and moved up through the company to become one of our best landscape installation foremen and finally a Supervisor and right hand to Harold Jenkins. But this last weekend, James Henry lost his month-long fight against Covid-19.

Not only did he run new installations, James was our staff photographer, ran our security system, monitored our 15-acre nursery, and—most of all—was part of the family.

James knew everyone and everything that was going on around. If you needed help on a job, you called James because he could and would get it done.

The name James Henry is synonymous with Jenkins Landscape. Everyone knew him; everyone liked him. Over the 31 years working at Jenkins he had become part of the Jenkins family. James was part of the pit crew for Harold Jenkins when he ran a dragster at Morosso and used to call Susan Jenkins “Mom” back in his younger days. Since James started when Steven and Erin Jenkins were 3 and 6, he was there to help shape them to become successful.

James had this uncanny ability to know whether something was bothering you just by looking at you. He knew when he needed to step in if you were in over your head. He was an ear to listen, and a shoulder to cry on. If the alarm was going off at the shop, James was first to show up to make sure there wasn’t a break-in and that everything was safe and sound. 

He definitely had his stubborn ways but that was the part of James that made it work. He never shied away from a hard conversation. But most of all, he had a smile for everyone, always. We will forever have an empty chair in our shop where he sat in the mornings to chew the fat, talk about life and plan for the day.

James will be missed every day and held in our hearts dearly. We lost a good man with a big smile and an even bigger heart. He leaves behind a loving wife, Kim, and two amazing sons, James Henry (Jr.) and Garrett.

James Henry. A beautiful soul is never forgotten.

James Henry and Harold Jenkins
James (left) was always ready to give a thumbs up.
James is pictured in the white shirt (4th from left) in this annual Christmas photo.
James Henry pictured here on the right in white shirt.