Sheamus — A Jenkins Legacy

Bull Terriers are described as playful, charming, and mischievous. Steven Jenkins’ dog Sheamus could have been the Bull Terrier Poster Child!

When Sheamus was still a puppy, Steven personally installed a new irrigation system at his home. Digging trenches and laying the pipe took 3 days under a hot Florida sun. It took Sheamus less than an hour to wrangle 30% of the pipe out of the ground. Mischievous – check! 

After Sheamus was a bit older, Steven took him to the Jenkins nursery off Powerline Road to “just to hang out and enjoy exploring the grounds”. Shamus wasted no time before he fearlessly jumped in the pond to chase after alligators. In fact, Sheamus loved to play with any living creature, even the poisonous Bufo toad. Bufo toads are usually toxic to dogs who bite or lick them. The poison contains hallucinogenic and cardiac toxins! A dog who chases alligators isn’t expected to back down to a frog, even a poisonous one, and sure enough after the third time of wiping and washing his mouth out after another Bufo encounter, Steven just let him at it. Sheamus was never sick nor did he ever show signs of distress. Playful – check!

Sheamus was always happy and loved all people and all dogs…even the aggressive dogs who snipped or bit him were greeted by a happy, playful Sheamus. Harold Jenkins once described having Sheamus as “having a friendly pet-cow-stubborn pet dog that wouldn’t hurt a fly”. He passed away from old age on Valentine’s Day 2019. Charming – check!

Sheamus lays at rest on the grounds of the Jenkins Nursery, the place that gave him so many hours of pure joy!

SHEAMUS  July 16, 2007 – February 14, 2019