Trees clean the air and prevent erosion. Trees provide food, protection, and shade for wildlife and people. Trees are worth planting, growing, relocating, and preserving.

Tree Care & Replanting

Trees add value to property, clean the air we breathe, shade yards and structures, and help prevent soil erosion. The Jenkins Certified Arborists and crews are highly skilled tree care specialists with the right equipment to handle any job.

Tree Care Services

Tree Replanting Services

Tree transplanting can be risky business that requires advance planning such as pruning roots months in advance to encourage new roots to grow near the root ball that will travel with the tree, site preparation, suitable equipment, and a crew supervised by certified arborists.

Replanting of mature trees can provide immediate shade and be a focal point in a revitalized landscape.

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In Florida, trees can be planted or moved all year round, but look for faster growth in the spring or summer. Have a tree question? Contact us »